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About us

Our Ear Wax Removal clinic is owned and operated by a General Practitioner with 30 years of experience. We take a holistic approach to all of our patients. You cannot treat a symptom or presentation in isolation.

In the Primary Care or Community setting it is the remit of the General Practitioner to assess issues associated with the ear, nose and throat.

Unfortunately, some services have been shed by GPs and can only by accessed through the private sector now.

Ear wax removal was removed from the GP Service Contract in Sept 2021.  However, if you have any hearing issues, pain in your ears, balance issues or tinnitus your first port of call should be your GP.

All of the above symptoms can simply be caused by ear wax, but ear wax should not be looked at in isolation. So you should try to see your NHS GP first if you are able to do so.

For a full and thorough service it is best to attend an earwax clinic operated by a GP.

We would take a relevant history, carry out an appropriate examination and provide the most appropriate treatment tailored to your individual needs.

Prescribe antibiotics/steroids or any other treatment that maybe required.

Carry out Epley’s manoeuvre for suspected BPPV. This a treatment for people who maybe experiencing vertigo.

Refer onto an ENT specialist if required.  There are other pathologies that can be uncovered on the removal of the ear wax.

There are many other causes of dizziness and they require to be excluded.  These could be due to inner ear issues. This is where the balance system of the ear is sited.

This part of the ear cannot be viewed by an auroscope (medical instrument to look into the ears).

Our Professionals

Dr Ashwani Bhopal, General Practitioner

With 29 years experience in General Practice and 20 years experience in private practice, Dr Bhopal has a wealth of experience and knowledge in dealing with all ailments.

Ear MicrosuctionFrom £40 for 1 earand £55 for 2 ears

Ear microsuction is where the ear wax is gently removed via a small suction device.

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Ear IrrigationFrom £40 for 1 earand £55 for 2 ears

Ear irrigation is where controlled low pressure water flows into the ear until the wax is removed.

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