Ear Wax Removal

Ear microsuction is where the ear wax is gently removed via a small suction device which is inserted into your ear.

This is a dry and safe procedure. As opposed to other procedures this is a very precise procedure.  You will be asked to instil olive oil or ear drops/spray as advised by the pharmacist for 7 days before the procedure.  Impacted wax is often hardened and adheres to the skin of the ear.  By applying the oil this softens the wax and helps loosen it off the skin of the ear.  Hardened wax also has an irregular surface so it be can be hard to get a good grip of the wax with the suction device.  The oil smoothens the surface of the wax. All this preparatory works makes it easier for the Doctor/nurse or audiologist to remove the wax. So we cannot stress how important this is to ensure a successful first visit.

The healthcare professional will examine both ears to assess the extent of the ear wax in both ears.  A speculum is then inserted to enable us to have a clear view of the ear wax as the external ear has what we call a sigmoid shape ie it is not straight. We have to tug at your ear gently to straighten the canal.

We use loupes which is a small magnification device to see small details more closely. The lens and bright light are essential for the procedure to go seamlessly.

A thin metal suction tube is then inserted into the ear to extract the wax.  This is attached to a medical suction device.  Sometimes the ear wax comes out in one attempt. Other times the ear wax can take time to come out if it is severely impacted and is adhered to the skin and sometimes it may require more than one visit to get it completely removed based on the consistency and amount of the wax and your comfort.

So every patient’s experience is different.

You will hear a suction noise as the tube is inserted into your ear. You require to stay still for the procedure. However healthcare professionals are quick to adapt to any sudden movements.

As it is a dry procedure there is no unnecessary mess.

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From £40 for 1 ear and £55 for 2 ears

Ear microsuction is where the ear wax is gently removed via a small suction device.

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