Ear Wax Removal

Ear irrigation is where the ear wax is gently removed using a stream of water into the ear.

Irrigation is another safe way of removal is irrigation. This is where a gentle stream of water is applied to the roof of your ear canal.

The principle behind this procedure is to soften and dislodge the ear wax with the pressure of the water. The pressure of the water is limited for obvious safety reasons.

Microsuction ear wax removal is a far superior method of removing ear wax. Especially if it is impacted and hardened. We like to use ear wax irrigation as an adjunct to micro suction.

If however you do want to attend for irrigation please instil olive oil for 2 weeks. We will attempt to remove the wax by irrigation but It will be likely that we will need to revert to microsuction if the procedure is ineffective.

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Ear IrrigationFrom £40 for 1 ear and £55 for 2 ears

Ear irrigation is where controlled low pressure water flows into the ear until the wax is removed.

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